Our Key Features

Fully loaded with unlimited features & flexibility and unparalleled customer support

Quickly build, Deploy & Manage applications

We offer a huge range of features that have been designed and created with the input of hoteliers to ensure that our hotel booking system completely meets the needs of accommodation owners.Functionality that suits Hotels, Lodges, Hostels, Guest Houses etc.

Use any operating system

Our product Works across all operating systems. Syncrooms is a web based booking solution and can be accessed through any computer, through mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets like an iPad with an Internet connection without the need to download or install any software.

No obligation, Pay what you use

Hotels limited service and pay-as-you-use of add-on’s concept omits many traditional hospitality services.
Instead, services and extras are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis
Easily accessible your hotel from any device with help of internet. No installation required.

Web Portal with Online Booking Engine

The bookings are automatically registered in your online Hotel booking system. Syncrooms is the cutting edge hotel reservation engine, which not only simplifies web-based reservation and occupancy management for your property, but also provides you in-depth details of the revenue generated by your property through various channels.

Payment Gateway

With Payment Gateway, your guests will have many options to make the payment making in Online and it is easier for your analysis and financial records.
•Accepting online payments via credit cards, direct bank debits was never so easy, just sign up and you get started instantly.
•Improve your sales realization with ability to accept credit cards.
•We send instant notifications and receipts on payments to your customers to confirm their payments.

Connect with Social Network

Generate Higher Revenue with repeated Reservation by integrating with Facebook and other social website where you can create your property’s profile and share your deals and promotions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Enhance your company’s site visibility in search results. By restructuring the way your website is built it will elevate its position in top searches thus allocating your site above all of your competitors in the area your services and products are sought for.

Feedback Services

Enhance your company’s site visibility in search results. By restructuring the way your website is built it will elevate its position in top searches thus allocating your site above all of your competitors in the area your services and products are sought for.


Our Hotel Booking System helps you analyze and optimize your hospitality business with customized reports. In the hospitality industry, data analytic’s can be used in numerous ways in order to improve business operations, marketing strategies, occupancy rates and yield.Analytic’s can also help hoteliers cut down their energy costs without sacrificing guest comforts.

GDS Sharing

Sell your rooms on the world’s leading booking websites.Globally situated travel agents use the GDS extensively. By listing on the GDS, you make it possible for them to view and book your hotel inventory 24X7. Achieve all your marketing needs from a single interface i.e. your own branded website and GDS.

Hotel Management Software for your Front desk

Simply login to the hotel software, to Book room, cancel or to View bookings. With Syncrooms hotel global distribution software, no matter how a room is removed from inventory that update is automatically pushed to all of your inventory distribution channels.
There’s no need to log into multiple systems, or manually monitor various websites. Syncrooms gives you the power to set rules around each online channel

Availability Restrictions

The availability restrictions function apart from enabling the availability setting of each room type can also impose constraints on the reservation. For example minimum stay, maximum stay, week days, release period, etc.

Custom Deals Special Offers

Hoteliers can easily introduce special offers you can manage Early booking offers, Last Minute Deals efficiently and gain the most out of your marketing strategies. Custom Offers gives hoteliers the ability to create an endless number of unique, personalized offers such as special rates, room upgrades, premium hotel services, free meals, Wi-Fi, spa services and more.

Integrated with Google Maps

Map for the property for proper directions for your guests.Let your Customers view a slide show of your hotel photos, and see a location map while booking the reservation.

Booking Notifications

Messages will be sent automatically to customers and to the hotel when a reservation is made, cancelled or changed. Notify your customers instantly through emails and messages about various activities like bookings,payments,Remainders and much more.
You can even broadcast message to customers regarding changes, notifications etc.
We are providing Automatic emails with rich text and Images after confirmation

TripAdvisor Widgets

Place one of the “Write a Review” Mini widgets on your site to encourage your travellers to write a review about your property on TripAdvisor.